Day One

Today was my first day back on campus after Thanksgiving break. Break was filled with turkey, potatoes, and lots and lots of cookies. Additionally, it was the first time I had stepped on a scale since before I left for college... My self-esteem sunk seeing how high the number was. That is when I decided I really needed to change my life style here on campus! 


Today was my first day of "A Healthier Me" and I have to say, it went pretty well! It was very helpful to come back to campus stocked with fresh groceries. My dorm is stocked with carrots, grapes, clementines, skinny pop, and a few more of my favorite healthy snacks. My biggest problem is when I need a quick snack and junk food tends to be the answer. It can also be quite a challenge to convince myself to eat healthy at the dining hall. Most of the options include a boat-load of carbs or greasy foods. Or foods that just look unedible... But today, I avoided the junk food and went to the salad bar for lunch (and dinner too!) I had a very productive day with my homework and went to my regular class called "guts and glutes" at the rec. (My class is every Monday and Wednesday). I feel good today, except for the roll of fat around my waistline... but I'm working on it! I am really hoping to stay on track during this fitness journey and I sure hope that writing about it keeps me motivated. 


Day One was a success! Crossing my fingers for many more days like this to come. 

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